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The fantastic vintage 2015 has now been bottled

The so called “pianto della vite”, bud break in English, is the first sign of a new start of the vine vegetation cycle. As pruning is finally over, nature is waking up and getting ready for the 2016 season. Meanwhile our white wines have been bottled and it is now time to look back at the 2015 vintage and make some considerations. Last year’s perfect grapes carried a considerable amount of sugar, which translated in complex and full bodied wines. It is the result of the fantastic weather we had in 2015.

The entire Colli Orientali area recorded one of the hottest years in the past century (FVG Weather Annual Report). We experienced unusual temperatures that reached peaks of 40°C during five main heat waves. July has led by far the ranking of hottest month of the year (+4°C above the average), followed by an intense August (+2.2°C) and an exceptional June (+1.8°C). However, the precipitations have been quite regular – on average, we had two days of rain every ten sunny ones – and we suffered from drought only during the months of November and December (lowest data point from 1921). Solar exposure and radiations have also been remarkable with a +11% when compared with the average of the decade. The wind has played a mayor role in fighting humidity and keeping the grapes dry throughout the year. Strong gusts of winds over 100 km/h have been recorded on 34 days, mainly caused by Bora, a forceful wind that blows from North-East from the Trieste area. In other words: an exceptional year that you will find enclosed in each bottle of the 2015 vintage.