Red wines
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Wine with a good structure, with hints of red fruit, in the finest vintages is suitable for medium aging. It is wondeful with tasty soups, red and white meat and salt cod.

This international variety was introduced in this area in the late '800 and since then has become increasingly popular. In our land the younger vines, 10 years old, grow on the gentle slopes of Montsclapade, while the more mature, from 15 to 50 years old, are grown on the hills surrounding the winery. The bouquet offers aromas of violet, cherry and black cherry. Our Merlot is very easy to drink in the early age: it is excellent with hams and cold cuts, white and red meats and medium aged cheeses. Over the years, takes a garnet red color and it reveals good structure, which makes it suitable to accompany stews, grilled meats and gamebirds.