special wines
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Native vine, grown on our hills for over 30 years. A wine for meditation, it is perfect to accompany mature and spicy cheeses. Excellent with pastries

A rare wine, due to bunches with few grains and to the limited overall production. Introduced in Friuli in '700 by Count Asquini and forgotten at the end of 1800, was re-evaluated in the “Colli Orientali del Friuli” in the middle of the last century. It is harvested from late September onwards, withered for about 3 months in special boxes (called plateaux) and, after a soft pressing, left to age in oak barrels for over 15 months. The result is a broad and complex wine, with bright gold color, sweet but not cloying, thanks to hints of citrus. It smells of peach, honey and cream. The taste is fully consistent, with persistent notes of dried fruit, apricot and tropical fruit. Perfect sipped alone or accompanied with almond sweets, foie gras and aged cheese.