special wines
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Predominantly Merlot blend, assembled with Refosco and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, aged for 24 months in small oak barrels. Excellent with red meat and game.

Wine which combines the best expressions of our red grape varieties: the round taste of Merlot is combined with the rustic note of Refosco, country gentleman, and with the typical Cabernet flavour. “Riul” (“stream”, in Friulian) expresses its power and complexity at the end of the long aging in oak barrels and after maturation in bottle for 4-6 months. Characterized by the intense ruby color, Riul offers aromas of cherry pie and plums, grappa soaked fruit and chocolate. The wine presents an elegant softness of the tannins, good alcoholic content and a large structure that blends harmoniously intense notes of baked apple, cocoa and tobacco. Well suited to aging, is excellent with roe, wild boar and all the game.