white wines
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Apparently brought from Croatia to Friuli thanks to the Venetian trade activities of the mid-1200s, the Malvasia Istriana can be considered a true Friulian grape. Starting with the first harvest in 2016, the Malvasia is now enriching the Ermacora white wine selection.

Our Malvasia Istriana vineyard was planted in 2014 on a dedicated 4 hectares plot within the Montsclapade area and is grown with the Guyot system (planting density of 5 thousand vines/hectare). Strong of its elegance and quality, this variety is both organoleptically and genetically different from other Malvasias. The Istriana one offers grapes of the original features, but enhanced by the distinctiveness of the territory. As a matter of fact, the Malvasia Istriana stands out for its beautiful bright shade of straw yellow that anticipates an intense scent with hints of yellow fruit and dried aromatic herbs. The final flavour highlights clearly the typical varietal notes.