white wines
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This vine gets acclimatized in all our plots, and grows well both in the hills and in the plains. The result is a smooth wine, perfect to accompany spring risottos, seafood, shellfish and baked fish.

In the plain of Solzaredo and on  the hills of Ipplis, our Sauvignon vines thrive during the early age and are more balanced during maturity, after 20-25 years. In the selection of the layout of the vineyard we took care of the versatility of this grape variety. The varieties we have selected led always to a harmonious wine. The bouquet of our Sauvignon offers the typical aromas of sage, rue, elder, accompanied by intense notes of ripe grapefruit and peppers. The taste is delicate and shows a good structure, consistent with the scents, and a remarkable harmony that fluctuates between the rich fattiness and pleasant acidity.