MERLOT - 2019

It made it to Friuli in 1880 after a long journey that started in Bordeaux. In less than a century and a half it has become the most cultivated grape in the region after Pinot Grigio. Its aroma is gentle, the wine is soft on the palate and it never shouts. It is an educated gentleman who adapts easily to the variability of climatic conditions that do not interfere with his good character. For Friulians it is THE red wine: it encourages meetings with friends, it accompany the aperitif, it is the wine that you can pair easily.


Merlot Friuli Colli Orientali DOC




Destemming of the grapes followed by a complete maceration with pumping over and punching down for a period that varies between 10 and 12 days. The racking occurs right after the end of the alcoholic fermentation.


The alcoholic and malolactic fermentation are completed in stainless steel containers where the wine rests for at least twelve months. The bottles are stored horizontally in air-conditioned rooms for a few weeks before being sold.





Sensory analysis

Colour: intense ruby red that turns to garnet notes with aging.
Nose: fruity nose of raspberry and black cherry, pleasant herbaceous smells with hints of violet. Aging brings elegant spicy notes.
Palate: good-bodied wine that leaves a satisfying warm sensation. Slightly tannic, it ends with an aftertaste of ripe red fruit.


Main courses with meat sauces, grilled meats, roasts, sausages and cheeses.