PICOLIT - 2017

It is the most prestigious indigenous variety, but also the most difficult to cultivate due to the frequent problems of floral abortion that result in partial fertilization of the flower and a loose cluster with a low number of berries. The vine is white berried. Its origins are still shrouded in mystery and it is only since 1750 that precise documentation is available. Historically drank exclusively by the European nobility, it is considered a great "meditation wine" capable of giving prestige to any conversation.


Picolit Colli Orientali del Friuli DOCG




The grapes are handpicked and laid down on plateaux (special boxes) where they will undergo natural and slow drying for about three months. Only the best resulting bunches will be selected for a soft pressing. The must ferments in a stainless steel tank.


Once the fermentation is completed, the wine will be rested for over 30 months in French oak barrique before being bottled. The bottles are stored horizontally in air-conditioned rooms for a few weeks before being sold.





Sensory analysis

Colour: bright golden with amber nuances.

Nose: dried figs, raisins and apricots accompany an olfactory approach which does not lack in honey hints and aromatic herbs.

Palate: soft and cosy thanks to the excellent fresh-savoury balance. The sip is eternal.


A fantastic meditation buddy, it enjoys being placed alongside tasty and spicy blue cheeses. It goes well with foie gras and dry pastry.