PIGNOLO - 2014

Documented in Friuli since 1398, the Pignolo vines had almost completely disappeared. If we can still find some bottles it is thanks to the determination of very few winemakers who have been safeguarding the vineyards with attention and passion. It is an initially grumpy wine, but which turns into a great full-bodied red thanks to time and care. Pignolo is the wine that more than any other represents its territory and the emotions of those who make it. Through its integrity that it is far from an international taste homologation, it embraces the time, history and personality of the Friulians.


Pignolo Friuli Colli Orientali DOC




Destemming of the grapes followed by a ten-day maceration in open vats. The racking occurs right after the end of the alcoholic fermentation.


The alcoholic and malolactic fermentation are completed in stainless steel containers, in which the wine rests for about a year. The elevation occurs for at least 48 months in French oak barrique. The bottles are stored horizontally in air-conditioned rooms for at least six months before being sold.





Sensory analysis

Colour: dark ruby, almost impenetrable.
Nose: black cherry and blackberry jam with alternating notes of black pepper, cloves, liquorice, nutmeg, resins, cinchona and burnt wood.
Palate: the taste is dominated by vigorous tannins, but controlled by the balanced presence of sapid and glycerine components that enrich the sip with fruity and spicy feeling.


It is the ideal partner of important meat and fur game dishes. It goes along well also with legume soups and aged cheeses.